“Together with Christ Jesus He also raised us up and seated us in the heavens” (Ephesians 2:6, HCSB) Since waking up this morning, my time has been occupied with many familiar¬†experiences: taking a hot shower, getting dressed, kissing my wife, brewing and drinking coffee, reading my Bible, using the bathroom, and drinking more coffee. These […]


Snow Days

Today was the second time in the last two weeks where I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy a snow day with my family. There are many things that I appreciate about snow days–sledding, snow cream, snowball fights, a warm fire waiting inside.¬† But today what I most appreciate most about snow days is the opportunity […]

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The Future and Value of Writing

Over the past year, my blogging has been sporadic at best. And I’m certainly not going to make promises that things will be different in 2014. Nevertheless, as I look back at the thoughts I’ve recorded and shared, I am inspired to write more frequently and consistently. Here’s some reasons why: #1 – Writing is […]

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